Class 5 Fitness 24/7, Tuolumne County’s only 24 hour gym. Exercise 24 hours a day. Call (209) 532-5556.

Automation! Class 5 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even holidays!

You choose your own workout time.

The benefits of being a Class 5 Member!

  1. Free personal training session
  2. Free doctor/chiropractor consults on injuries and other health problems, weight management, etc.
  3. Discounts at local businesses
  4. Giant climbing wall! Free belay certification/climbing class available for members only. Climbing is a fantastic workout!
  5. Supplement discounts. Tell us what you want or need. We’ll do our best to get it for less! Don’t know what you need? We’ll give you a free nutrition/diet/supplement consultation.
  6. On site rehab, massage and physical therapy, chiropractic, orthotics gait analysis. (Many insurances pay.)
  7. $10 off your first massage! Discounts thereafter.
  8. Try our Zumba Dance and Yoga Exercise classes at discount prices.
  9. Free BMI, body fat testing
  10. Use unique exercise pieces including ROM, Treadmill, Versaclimber, 10 station hydra “Curves” circuit and more.